Wednesday, July 22

Designing Logos – The Fun Side

Being a logo designer doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck to the serious mode all your life, there are other ways to enjoy the work as well, which also help in the growth of creativity and confidence. I was looking for some funny logos and I came across some which weren’t what you would usually see, rather they are pictures which have famous logos embedded in them, let me show you some.

Can you guess the logo? It’s Adidas! Placed on a field of plants, it’s an easy concept to grab.

This is a simple concept yet again; the Apple logo is being used in the picture to form more of an apple tree.

The wings of the Aston Martin logo are placed in such a way that they become a part of the eagle flying above. Giving it 2 concepts, one being the praise to Aston Martin being fast, secondly the company’s stats is flying high!

How many times did you go to have a cup of Java? Good concept, relaxing environment!

The bull in the Lamborghini logo is surely going to be happy hitting a man for once! Excellent use of the concept where you can see Lamborghini tackling its customer just right!

Since Nike is sponsoring the sports gear and also teams since a long time, this concept is just too perfect to be a thought only. You can see the player holding the “swoosh” like he would be holding his hockey stick. Well done!

Mercedes working like a ninja here! I thought this was funny and interesting as well, simply done.

The lion of Peugeot finally goes back to the jungle! Just like the concept of the logo, the lion being the king of the jungle, the picture does justice to it.

Another fine example of the logo being placed in an appropriate environment, the puma is hunting another puma.

Walt Disney was always for the kids, and the concept is pretty clear here as well.

I liked this one a lot, not just because of the way it was, but because of the windows being inside the windows, as in screens. Beautifully done

Well, I wanted my readers to have a look at these as well and understand that logo designing is not only about curves and fonts, it’s also about creativity, depends on how you use yours!

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