Thursday, July 23

Amazing Logos – Working out-of-the-box

When we talk about amazing logos, we think creativity which is out of the box, we think beyond the normal limits which we set for ourselves, we go a bit wild with our thoughts and then we come up with something which blows the mind away, right? Maybe so, or, we are just God gifted and are better talented than the others? Who knows, but, one thing is for sure, if we are what we think we are, and our self confidence and thinking power match, we will create the most amazing logos ever.

Okay, enough of my preaching. Time to show you guys what I drooled over for so long that I became such a priest!

Who can forget the great Al Capone the gangster? And this Logo has just the same attitude as Al’s name. The bullet tearing through the L and C is looking amazing.

The Big Ten conference has 11 colleges in the team, and the name hasn’t changed, BUT, the 11 has been incurred between the G and the E. Amazing!

Like to surf the net like a monster? (I love surfing) Fear no more! The DotMonster is here! No, but on a serious note, how amazing can the concept get?

Can you see why this is amazing? It has the texture of the number 8 all through the logo and it still manages to create an alphabetical word perfectly. Amazing!

Simple, yet amazingly done. The Electric Elephant Logo is showing us a chip, plus the elephant. Amazing!

If you look at the name, and the F, you will understand that the phrase “Fold It” is already being practiced in the logo. Amazing!

See the name? Look at the camera. Look at the cutlery now. It’s just amazing!

It’s a bed, it’s an M! It’s the logo for a doctor who specializes in sleep issues. Amazing!

How many times have you had the chocolate Toblerone and not noticed the logo? Well, look at it now, you see the Swiss Alps? And do you see the bear in the Alps? Why the bear? Because Toblerone was started at a city in Switzerland called Bern known as the city of bears. Amazing!

A single drop of water can create an empirical crown. Ever thought of that? No? Well, the designer here did that for you! Amazing!

Wiesinger Music, the initials are W and M, look at the Piano closely. Amazing!

Zip, with the zipper in the middle. Now that’s amazing!

Just some of the logos I wanted to share with my fellow readers. I hope you guys understand what I mean by thinking out of the box amazing logos.


  1. interesting post. Nice collection of logos

  2. Thanks Whisper.. I enjoy sharing them with you all..