Monday, August 10

Art Design - Most unusual Graffiti Art Logos

Graffiti Art was started in the streets, when the street painters used markers and spray paints to get their point across to the other gangs or groups, or just simply making art on a bigger scale. As far as the law goes, its vandalism, and has a big penalty as well, but when it comes to the artists, they love it because of its free spirited quality.

Graffiti art has also made its way into Logo Designing and now the designers are exploring the techniques and types to incorporate the style in their designing. Let us take a look at a few:

As you can see, the creativity used in these logos is a bit different and more street styled. It has more usage of typography as well. Graffiti Logos are usually used for parties or events, but they are useful when it comes to the Target Market for the logo being the youth.

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