Thursday, September 3

Logo Quiz - Guess the Brand Logos

It is easy to start recognizing the brand logos we see every day; like the coca cola logo, we know what it is, we know what it means, and we definitely know what it does so we always have a picture of the bottle in our head when someone mentions Coca Cola or even Coke!

There are however, some logos which you see every day and yet, do not connect them with anything. I’ll be posting a few of the ones I think people see every day and yet, wouldn’t be able to guess.

This is a very well known logo. A logo you see every day while driving.

Another one of the great American logos, guess who it belongs to?

I got this one for the geeks out there, who think they know everything about their fields.

Guess this one One thing is for sure, these footprints are seen a lot of times when you wear the product they belong to.

This is one of the top selling companies in the states right now.
Let’s see if you can guess this one.I just used a few of these for you guys to acknowledge, and then we shall see how many of our logo fans out there are observant enough to remember all 5 of these.


  1. The Doge logo.
    I like this

  2. The second, third, and fourth ones are tough. I have seen the third one before, but not the other two.