Tuesday, August 25

Typography Logos - Logo Treats for You

Logos are the forefront warriors of a company. They are designed in such ways that the customer has the logo embedded in their head for ever.

Like if we take the Nike swoosh, whenever you see a swoosh somewhere, you know it’s sponsored by Nike. Just like that, the logos are made as the identity for the company.

Let’s go through a few to see what this whole thing means.

This is a creativity defining logo which you can see being a typography face and name at the same time.

Creativity can come from anywhere, whether it’s a big face or just a face created by using minimal complicated designs. The face on OP is just inspiring.

If you look closely, you can see the name being embedded in the color patterns.

Beautifully done!

As simple as this is, it is equally as powerful. The spray paint effect makes it look awesomely original.

It’s just amazing the way the logo designers these days are working around the name of the company. Slick name and Slik design!

I simply loved this one because of the way the plants are used in the logo. Amazingly elegant

This is more like a cartoonish sort of a design. I liked it because of the use of fire was just catchy!

As you can see, I chose typography as the category for the logos in this blog. Not because these are the best, but because they caught my eye and I couldn’t stop looking at these.

Logo designing is not an easy job, but if you have fun with it, you can always create masterpieces.

Feel free to comment, would love to hear from you.

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