Monday, August 24

10 Amazing Music Logos

Every business in the world has a logo as its front face first expression. Even if it’s a
music company, they still need a powerful logo to lead from the front. Music logos need to
have music incorporated in them one way or the other to make them stand out from the others.

I have a few Music Logos for you guys today, which have been designed for music companies and similar work.

A-live and Alive, sounds similar, but the microphone lead in the logo and the word recording
beneath it, joins them both to form a recording logo.

I like this because of the simplicity it has. means music, which is
complete when the tagline is read.

This logo portrays a musical note as well as a bit of a guitar in its ‘G’. Good stuff!

I like this one because of the fresh painted canvas effect. Simple and nice

As the musical note forms around the fist, it shows the power of music. Hard hitting!

As the name suggests, the initials can be seen around the drum kit and the guitar neck. Good

Can you see the double concept? M turned upside down is a W, but is also a wave if put
together. Plus the tagline is a punch.
Another sweet concept here, using the symbol of PLAY as a part of the logo.

This is simple creative. The rock sign, if looked at properly, has a guitar as a thumb as

Good Life, as the name suggests, can be seen all around the logo when the face is wearing
headphones and enjoying the music.
So, as you can see, the music is added one way or the other in the logos. Logo designing is
always a fun job, but you need to have creativity to perform your task as well.
I would love to hear from you guys! So keep commenting :) ...

See you soon. Ciao'!

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