Tuesday, August 18

Logo Design - Best Web 2.0 Logos

Web 2.0 logos is actually 2nd generation designing. It’s all web based and it is usually used for social networking sites, video sharing sites, wikis, blogs etc. Web 2.0 Logos have been used by many different websites, let’s go through a few of them and check them out.

These are the soft logos, which have round typefaces.

These types of logos are futuristic in nature, with the look of future being sharp edged and more technological based.

These types of web 2.0 designed logos come under classics. As you can see the font used in these logos defines the classic era.

And then there are the NEW classics, this type of logo designing is used a lot now as the new trend and using a different sort of typeface as well. The world of logo designing is coming to a new era, the era of the 2nd generation. Which might be new right now, but there will be a time when it takes over.


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