Tuesday, August 18

10 Most Inspiring Logos

There are logos which are designed, you look at them, you think they are good, and then you move on, and then there are logos which are designed and you look at them, get stuck, get inspired and open your mind to a new possibility of logo designing. Let me show you the 10 most inspiring logos I found after a bit of research.

Notice how the background color and the bubbles besides the alphabets make it look actually like its written in cream.

The teeth of the wolf have been designed like the B U W of the Big Ugly Wolf.

Notice the crop being in a different color half way down, portraying the cropped pattern.

The cutlery has been set in such a way that it becomes a table and a camera, both.

Can you see the Gestalt Psychological Vase/faces concept in the butterfly?

Pure classic western style logo

The ‘R’ and the ‘B’ are both in the same place, just a matter of perspective.

As the name suggests Ingenioustries, you can see a chimney with a brainy smoke, or an I with the dot being a Brain, depends on you.

The beautiful texture behind the logo and the shadow created by the logos light is just amazing to watch.
If you look at the logo closely, you can make out the elephant in it as well.

These are some of the best inspiring logos found on the internet right now, and you can see why they are so inspiring, creativity used beyond a normal limit of creation.
Feel free to comment on my effort. I would like to hear from you all. Thanks for passing by. : )

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